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How Much Does Foundation Repair Cost? Less Now Than Later

One of the most common questions we encounter is “how much does foundation repair cost?”  Full disclosure, we cannot give you an estimate without knowing the particulars of your situation as repair can be a huge range of costs depending on the extent of damage.

However much your it may cost to have your needed repairs, having the problems diagnosed and solved early will almost always save you time and money later.  Check out John Whitman’s story and related gofundme page to see how bad things can get when problems go un-resolved:

Roff Home Foundation Repair

Foundations are meant to be deep. Unfortunately, when the Roff family built their home in 1868, they only dug a one-foot foundation under the front parlor. In 2016, as the owner of Roff Home, I suffered the consequences of that decision — an unanticipated $53,000 in expenses to build a new, deeper foundation and to repair the damage that a weak foundation had caused.

By early 2016, the front walls of this Victorian Italianate home were at risk of collapsing because the foundation was sinking. The mortar had completely cracked and disintegrated. Bricks were falling out of the walls. No contractor would work on the foundation with the walls still in place.

In the summer of 2016, contractors ran steel beams under the house and built temporary walls inside. They then pulled down a wall and a half, dug a new foundation, and rebuilt the walls with concrete block and covered it with a facade of original brick.
Read the full story here…

John’s costs were estimated $58,000 of repair which is substantially more than the average single family home in the Plano, TX area, but his story demonstrates what can go wrong when poor construction meets lack of early repairs.

Check out this other example of a house with some serious foundation problems:

Early Diagnosis by a Professional

Unfortunately, there is no getting around the fact that foundation repair cost is high in some situations.  The best way of controlling your costs are to looking for the signs of foundation damage and contact a professional early to assess.  By doing this, you can have the problems fixed before they become huge.


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