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Will Insurance Cover My Foundation Repair Costs?

One of the most pressing questions we hear about is whether insurance will cover the foundation repair cost. Unfortunately, for many people in North Texas and especially Plano, the answer is probably no. The reason for this is because the most likely cause of foundation problems (the expansion and contraction of soil around the foundation) are often excluded from home owner’s insurance policies.

While this may be disheartening to many people, there are some additional things to consider. Anne Balogh, a contributor to points out several additional considerations in her post:


Do you have a warranty?

If your foundation problems are caused by defective construction or the use of poor materials, your homeowner’s insurance won’t be of much help. However, some builders offer foundation warranties that cover labor and materials and structural defects for up to 10 years. If your home is fairly new, check to see if you have a warranty that’s still in effect, and read it over carefully to find out what’s covered.

If you’re buying a home, be sure to have the foundation inspected by a professional. You could save thousands of dollars and a lot of headaches by having any problems identified and addressed before you assume ownership.

Adding supplemental coverage

Depending on where you live and your exposure conditions, it may be worth purchasing supplemental insurance for perils not covered by your basic homeowner’s insurance policy. Most major insurance carriers will let you purchase a dwelling foundation rider to cover specific, limited perils, such as damage caused by a burst water pipe or water seepage. Most policies also offer supplemental coverage for damage caused by earthquakes, flooding, and sewer backups. However, foundation damage caused by settling, shifting, or earth movement is generally excluded.

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We encourage people to check with both their home builder (if they purchased new) or their insurance company to determine if they have an existing warranty or whether they are able to purchase additional insurance coverage.

Foundation Repair Warranty- Moving Forward

If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of needing foundation repair, don’t be too alarmed.  Many great companies like GL Hunt offer flexible financing to assist you in making the costs affordable.  Check out our page on foundation repair at: to learn more about what services we can connect you with.

If you decide to go with a company who performs professional foundation repair and you know that your insurance poilcy will not cover the costs, we cannot stress the importance of getting a warranty on the work enough.  Foundation repair is expensive and you need to make sure the work that is performed is covered by a lifetime transferable warranty.  Call  469-909-1827 to schedule an estimate with GL Hunt and learn about their warranty program.


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